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We are incredibly excited to share with you an exciting new project called 'BEE Visible'. Bee Inclusive have been fortunate enough to receive funding from the Bury Culture Fund. This has been made possible by the UK Government through their UK Shared Prosperity Fund.

The project will provide a 12 months arts programme for children age 5-16 years old with SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities). The Art work produced within this programme will be exhibited at Bee Inclusive's 'Bee Visible' 2025 exhibition. This will be a public exhibition held in Bury in celebration of the SEND community.

This project aims to ensure that children with SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities) have equal access to the arts. It champions disability arts by prioritizing the Social Model of Disability in all workshop deliveries and exhibition production.

For more information on The Social Model of Disability,  please watch this animation by Shape Arts.

Funded by UK shared prosperity fund with support from Bury Council and Bury VCFA

Project Details

May - June 2024

We will be recruiting local visual artists to join us in providing art workshops in a variety of mediums. Each artist might work with a small group for one session or they may work with them over a series of weeks to produce a piece of art which conveys something about the individual or the SEND community. We are also recruiting volunteers to support families during the workshops. 

July - January 2025

Workshops will run throughout this time; some over the course of weeks and some as one off sessions.

All information will be made clear at the time of booking and a programme will be issued to families ahead of booking. All workshops will be free.

They will be made available at a variety of locations. Some of our artists will even visit schools.

February 2025

Bee Inclusive will work with all those involved to select artwork for the exhibition.

We will also work with the families to support the participants in deciding what they want to say about their art work and themselves.

We strive to ensure the child and young persons voice is apparent in the final exhibition.

March 2025

Bee Inclusive's 'BEE Visible' exhibition will be held in a publicly accessible building in Bury.

As soon as details are finalised, they will be publicised.

The exhibition itself will be a free, accessible and inclusive event for all. 



Are you a young person with SEND who would like to take part?

Would you like your child to take part in this exciting project?


If you would like to receive the full project information as soon as it becomes available please complete this digital form.  You will still be required to book your child onto the art workshops via Bookwhen, however, by filling out this form you will receive an email or text to alert you to when bookings are live.


Would you like to volunteer some of your time to support this project?

We value and welcome volunteers to make this project a success. Volunteers will be required to:

- Support the local artists during the workshop

- Support the children during the art making activities

- Greet and welcome families

- Help settle participants in, offering hot drinks to parent/carers

- Assisting Bee Inclusive facilitators to set up and tidy up the rooms pre and post workshop.

If you are interested in supporting this project, please read the 'Volunteering Information' document for in-depth details and complete the online application form.

Back of a group of volunteers
Paint Brushes


Are you a local artist who could lead workshops for children with SEND?

We are looking for various local artists who are passionate about making the arts inclusive and accessible for young people and who feel they have something to meaningfully contribute to this project.

- We are keen to hear from artists who work in all varieties of visual arts.

- All participants and families will be supported by Bee Inclusive facilitators and volunteers so artists can focus solely on leading the art making.

- Artists must be self-employed.

Please follow the link below for more in-depth information and instructions for how to apply.

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